Beekeeping, in Washington, D.C., three blocks away from the White House? I must say, it is not as surprising as it sounds, especially considering the environmental theme of my high school. Less than two semesters into my college career and I have already secured a professional research opportunity, attended lectures and conferences by some of the world’s most powerful political and economic figures, and explored the many opportunities D.C. has to offer. My story seems to be coming together, and, just as I was preparing to move onto a new phase of my life a year ago, I feel both excited yet anxious about what these next months hold. With the little beekeeping practice I have gained over the last few weeks, I can already tell that this will be an enjoyable experience. I have the basics down—and my ecological background has definitely helped—but I am still a padawan to the Jedi Knight Heidi Wolff and Jedi Master Hartmut Doebel who are overseeing my training.

I hope to use this blog as both an educational resource for all of those interested in urban sustainability and beekeeping as well as an outlet through which I will log the developments of my research project, which will be completed by the end of my two-year fellowship.

Thank you for your time and attention. Now, let’s save the world, one flower at a time.

To infinity and beeyond.

Anthony Bucci III

Post Script – This may be the only time I may report this, but so far I have a perfect record of 0 beestings!

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