Today, Ricky and I worked with Professor Doebel to construct four new hives for GW’s Food Justice Alliance, a student organization focusing on food sustainability. These hives replaced four hives lost on GW’s Mount Vernon Campus that had been wiped out by colony collapse disorder, or CCD. As shown in the cartoon by Lela Dowling, the cause of CCD has still yet to be discovered; however, it has been the reason for all the buzz about bees in recent years. If you ask me, a culture change is needed. Once we start taking care of our planet again, problems like CCD will solve themselves.

We set to work by transporting the new supers, cement blocks, and new bees to the roof of Lisner Hall. As Professor Doebel instructed, we methodically constructed the new bee homes by providing proper spacing between homes, installing five new frames in each super, and leaving room for the container that the bees came in. Each container also came with a queen, trapped in a small wooden capsule so that the bees on the outside may adjust to her and accept her as their new leader. If all goes well, we will have four new and strong hives!

To infinity and beeyond.

Anthony Bucci III

Photo Credit: Katherine Berry 

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