First Honey Extraction

Hurrah! All hail the monarchy! Our queens are leading us to great prosperity! Today marks the first day of extracting honey!

The first step was checking for wax moths. These invasive critters lay their eggs in a line of honey cells and create cotton-like webbing that ruins large portions of frames. We had actually already done this a few days beforehand and removed a few moths that had made their way in. After that, we took all of the good frames and held them over a container as we used the uncapping knife to uncap all of the honey cells. We then placed three uncapped frames in the centrifuge-like metal container and watched as the frames spun. While spinning, the honey would be thrown out of the uncapped cells and onto the walls of the container. Every once in a while we reversed the frames’ placement inside so that, once enough collected on the walls gravity would then pull the droplets of honey down. The honey collected in the bottom of the honey extractor where it would later exit through a tube. The honey then travels through a sift where any pieces of wax that may have been thrown off during the spin are collected. This leaves only pure honey to be jarred and ready for consumption!
And that, my friends, is the story of how the honey got from the frame to your food!

To infinity and beeyond.

Anthony Bucci III

Photo Credit: Anthony Bucci III

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