Worker Bees

Finals are underway here at GW, and to get our eyes away from non-stop studying, Ricky and I are going to the lab to continue constructing! We are building new supers, frames, nucs (smaller, five-framed versions of supers), and anything else you can imagine a beekeeper would use! Although it gets repetitive fast, we have a good assembly line in the works, which gives us a great sense of accomplishment when we leave the lab each day. These supplies will help us out later this summer as our beehives become more productive, teem with honey, and overcrowd with worker bees. Perhaps the best part of using the labs is that we get to stay and study here when it gets dark. It is the perfect place to study because it is quiet, cool, and not so lonely.

To infinity and beeyond.

Anthony Bucci III

Post Script – I can’t get stung from the workroom!

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