New Season and New Beekeeper

BM Order

Welcome back to a whole new season of beekeeping at GW in Washington D.C.! We thank our friends at Founding Farmers Restaurant and Brushy Mountain Bee Farm for their kind and generous support in making every part of our beekeeping operation possible. Over spring break, we unloaded packages of new equipment so that we have everything we need before we dive into the peak of the season. Picture are the frame parts (right) that will be constructed with wax foundation (in boxes, left). Cell bar frames will help in queen rearing and produce many more queens for many more hives. New beekeeper jackets will also let our new learners get a closer glimpse of all the buzz.

We welcome our new Junior Beekeeper, Brooke Talbot, to our beekeeping team. Learn more about her under “Meet the Research Team” at the top of the homepage. With her batch of fresh ideas this season, our team is just beginning to turn over a new leaf!

Happy St. Patricks Day,

Ricky Zhu

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