Back in the Spring of Things!

The GW Undergraduate Honey Bee Lab and Apiary has been bustling these past few weeks, as our research is fully under way! We have several ~brand new research teams~ that have been hard at work preparing their experimental models and research, being nearly as busy as the bees in our apiary! Our teams this summer include a Larvae Team, Behavior Team, Pheromone Team, Queen Team, and a Drone Team.

As for the apiary, I will be serving as the Senior Beekeeper for this summer season, while continuing my role as the GW Buzz Public BEE-lations Media Coordinator. Monica Boedigheimer will be assisting me as Junior Beekeeper here at the apiary, and she is also completing research with the Drone Team. Unbee-lievable!

We look forward to updating you all, our lovely readers, with the happenings of our Apiary. Additionally, we would like to thank Founding Farmers Restaurant and Brushy Mountain Bee Farm for continuing to support us, year-in and year-out, season after season. We would not be able to complete research or maintain our apiary without their generosity!

As always, do visit to hear more about the goings-on at our apiary and research lab. If you have any questions or comments, please post them-we love to hear from you!

We sincerely hope that you enjoy hearing about our lab and apiary during this summer-it’s sure to be a great one! Bee sure to check back soon for updates! Hap-bee Monday! 🙂


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