Intruder Alert!

Screen Shot 2017-06-12 at 12.58.14 AM.png

What bee has a black abdomen, a fuzzy yellow thorax, and is around an inch long? Certainly not a honey bee!

Recently several carpenter bees have found their way into GWBuzz apiary, but not to worry– the honey bees immediately take care of the invader.

Gabby and I were lucky enough to catch an attack in action, where the honey bees actively surround, sting, and even suffocate the invader bee to save the hive and its resources! They later expel the carpenter bee from the hive in a Prague-style defenestration.

But why are carpenter bees so keen on entering our hives? 

Carpenter bees eat nectar and pollen, and a honey bee hive is a goldmine of food for them! Not to mention, carpenter bees build their nests in wood and burrow into the wood to lay their eggs.

Our hives are composed of wooden supers and the honey bees actively fill them with pollen and nectar every day, it’s no wonder why these pesky carpenter bees are so interested in our hives!



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