Installation Day 2018

We are happy to announce that on Sunday, April 8th, GW’s rooftop apiary gained some new residents! With the help of new lab members and volunteers, we managed to successfully install six new hives. Seeing everyone work together really made us buzz with excitement for this summer!

A special thanks to Ken, from Founding Farmers, for photographing the event (all the following photos are his).


Bee Package


Dr. Doebel assisting new lab members


Bee’s being put into their new hive!


Queen Cage


Sugar Water Spray


New Members Gettin’ involved!


Ready for some warm weather,


Our installation day was incredible! We successfully put together our classroom observation hive and our brand new Top Bar hive!


Top Bar Hive


Observation Hive


Our incredible volunteers!


We are looking forward to another great beekeeping season with our newest beekeepers and research team. Dr. Doebel, my fellow beekeepers, and I ended our day with a celebratory trip across the street at Founding Farmers. We ordered tea, and were served with some beautiful silverware with a bee and date on it, and we asked our server what it signified. Little did we expect that the date and bee signified when we started beekeeping with Founding Farmers! We sat, with grins on our faces, as our server explained Founding Farmer’s Partnership with GWBuzz apiary!

To infinity and Bee-Yond,


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