A buzz in the GroW Garden

On Sunday July 22nd, our Junior Beekeeper James and I had the incredible opportunity to discuss the biology and behavior of honey bees with members of GW GroW Garden! We touched on how honey bees counter our anthropomorphic views of the roles of males and females. Honey bee hives are run by females. Female worker bees not only tend to brood, but also gather and provide resources for the hive while male drones just sit around, eat, and potentially inseminate the queen. The cooperative behavior of honeybees underscore how seamlessly a society can run when all of its members work together, equally, to achieve a common goal.

Volunteering at GW GroW garden is always serene, and I would encourage everyone to come by for volunteer hours! The Garden Managers Izzy and Lizzie have done an incredible job this season. In the bustling city of Washington DC, you can get lost in the towering jungle of sunflowers, kale, and tomatoes.

All of GroW Garden’s produce is delivered to Miriam’s Kitchen.

Thanks to everyone who came out, and a special thanks to Garden Manager Izzy Moody for organizing this event!

To infinity and bee-yond,



GroW Garden volunteers


Towering sunflowers


City or countryside?






Bombus coming in for a visit




Cookies I made for our potluck!

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