Installation Day 2019

The bees are back! This past Sunday, April 7, nine new hives were installed on our rooftop apiary! Please enjoy our new fuzzy friends around campus! We extend a special thanks to the new lab members and the kind volunteers from the GroW Garden for their help during this year’s installation. Additionally, thank you to Founding Farmers for their continual support of our university’s unique and essential honey bee apiary! BEE sure to follow our Instagram account, @gwbuzz, to receive updates on the status of our bees this summer!

Volunteers installing a hive


Fiona, junior beekeeper, getting sugar water for the beesIMG_0466

A fresh bee packageIMG_2187

A frame being sprayed with sugar waterIMG_2188

Dr. Doebel offering bees to volunteersIMG_2189

Adele, senior beekeeper, pouring package of bees into hiveIMG_0459

Camille, junior beekeeper, and Dr. Doebel placing frames into hiveIMG_0462

Dr. Doebel using a hive tool to push the frames togetherIMG_0469

A bee package sprayed with sugar water to manage the beesIMG_0475


The view of the Washington Monument from our rooftop apiaryIMG_0482

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