Bee Camera

Live Bee Camera

Welcome to the Bee Cam! Here you will be able to view the honeybee hives live from DC. We currently have this feature available for viewing. To access the bee cam, please click on the ‘Live Bee Camera’ link above. In the bottom left corner of the screen, you can request for control of the camera by clicking the lower left button. If too many people are requesting control, you may have to wait in a quick line. You can also use the presets to zoom in on each hive. Click the link above and see all of our hives at The George Washington University.


8 responses to “Bee Camera

  1. Found you thru Founding Farmers. My wife and I usually go to the one in Potomac, which is close to where we live. although we have been to the DC location once. We are really glad to see that they’re using local bees and honey; all honey is good, but locally produced is best for anti-alergy relief, as if we needed a ‘reason’ to eat it!

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  5. Away from my bees for a few days and thought of placing a cam on them. Found you and got my bee fix. Great setup, thanks!

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