Press and Media

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Student beekeepers investigate two hive collapses


Restaurant, distillery to use honey from GW bees

Washington Post: A common pesticide may be a menace to pollinators. Know how to protect them.

Washington Post: On a D.C. rooftop, a scientist and his students look to solve bee mystery

Dr. Doebel’s CCTV Interview


GW Today: The Plight of the Honeybee


“The Secret Life of Bees…At GW” Blog Entry

GW Today: GW, Founding Farmers Partner to Host Beehives

WTOP Article 

Founding Farmers Press Release

GW Columbian School: The Habits of Honey Bees


GW Today: An Examination of Honeybees

GW Hatchet Article

Global Animal Article 

GW Research Blog: A Hive of Student Research

Channel 8 News TBD

GW Today: City Bees

The Georgetown Dish Article

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